Playa Sonrisa

Murph and Cindy know how to have fun! They are great hosts! So are Linda and Marla of The Leaky Palapa. Great food at both places!

The Sonrisa crowd at the Leaky Palapa

Bob and Glenna Fay up from Belize

Norm and Linda down from Canada

Justino doing his morning rounds

Upper body workout at Sonrisa

Norm relaxes with Maya and cooler

Virbhadrasasa A

Murph's a natural at Sirshasana!


Foxy at Loco Nutz

Detailed map

Steve and Tess, college students

Linda and Norm at Sonrisa 

Ingo and Ooli, Germans living in England

After dinner with Cindy and Carl >

Yolanda and Pablo, newly Certified Divers

We saw several of these Man o' Wars. 

Danice, Paula and John 

Dinner at Cindy and Carl's

Foxy at Playa Sonrisa

Gringo Night at Yamira's X-Caribe

Around town in Xcalak

Check out the 2006 map.

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