Mayapan is a large, well excavated site with several large pyramids to climb, and very few people. We had the place to ourselves.
Here we saw the best examples of paint on the original actual stucco covering the stones, with much color still showing.
There is an underground cenote on the site. Many examples of statues moving into the Puuc style depicting Choc.
There was a building ont he site where they are restoring many of the carvings, stellae and statues.

Flat sided steps faced with rock Puuc style

Looking down into the plaza of columns

The main pyramid

Serpentine steps like Chichen Itza

Choc masks like Rio Bec

Colorful original stucco


 An observatory like Chichen Itza

The observatory from the cenote

The main pyramid

More Mayapan

Check out the 2006 map.

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