Izamal, and the Road to Ake

Izamal is Ciudad Amarillo, The Yellow City. They must have had lots of paint left over,
because many of the surrounding towns are yellow too!

Cemetery in Espita, on the way to Izamal 

Espita cemetery

I'd love to be there on El Dia de los Muertes

Church in Espita

Birthday cake graveyard

Off to the ruins, they're all over town.

Jim's cop buddy, on the lookout for turistas

Around town in Izamal


Kinich Kol Mo, our ride below.
People live all around the sites,
and even in some of them.

All the little towns have huge trees in the central plaza. The trunk on this one had
to be 4 feet in diameter!

Restaurant de los Mestizos, excellent!
We just had a beer and they brought us all these
delicious side dishes and salsas!

Foxy ascends Itzamma

A variation on the tricicolo: he was very proud of his motorized creation.

Church in Libre Union

On to Ake, another uniquely situated Mayan site.

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